Promoting the Fourth Degree


A program supplement to KNIGHTLINE

Through their leadership, sacrifice and dedication, Fourth Degree Knights have earned their place atop the Order. Fourth Degree Knights are Knights of the highest degree and are held in the highest regard, in the same way they hold themselves, their fellow brothers, and the Order.


Having a close relationship with a Fourth Degree assembly can only benefit your council and its members. Not only are Fourth Degree members less likely to lapse or go inactive, but they also know the importance of active members and what they mean to projects, events, volunteering, and so on. When a council and its Fourth Degree assembly maintain a close relationship, the door of opportunity opens wide with the prospects of learning from one another and growing in the bonds of fraternalism. Once that spark is lit, it will spread a fire of positive and thriving attitudes throughout both the council and its serving assembly.


To bridge any gaps that may exist between your council and assembly, agreeing on a Fourth Degree representative or liaison is a good idea. This way the council will have a go-to guy who can represent the assembly and take any questions or concerns that you may have when organizing, scheduling or meeting.


Along with the Fourth Degree representative serving the council, it is a good idea to periodically, if not regularly, to invite the faithful navigator to report on assembly activity at council meetings and to recruit members for the Fourth Degree.


To help recruit Fourth Degree members, the following materials are available to councils and assemblies:

  • The 12 - minute film production “To Be A Patriot” offers an excellent introduction to the Fourth Degree's principle of patriotism. It is available at no charge, except for a $3.00 shipping and handling fee, from the Department of Fraternal Services.


  • The Guide to … Fourth Degree Membership Recruitment flyer (#4155) will aid any assembly's recruitment activities. It includes all the information needed to organize and implement a successful Fourth Degree membership recruitment campaign. Items covered include building a prospect list, conducting an invitation program, holding an open house, appointing a Fourth Degree liaison to local councils, organizing a membership committee and setting goals, and ordering supplies and membership videos.


These materials are available at no charge when ordered in reasonable quantities and can be obtained through the Supreme Council Supply Department. A Fourth Degree Knight is a member of a group of men dedicated to promoting patriotism, illuminated by their Catholic faith. It is an honor to wear the regalia and participate in color corps and honor guards. It is a position of prestige and something for which all Knights should strive. Ideally, every Third Degree Knight should become a Fourth Degree Knight.